Is it Legal to Resell Nike Shoes? | Resale Laws Explained

Is It Legal to Resell Nike Shoes?

Question Answer
1. Can I legally resell Nike shoes that I own? Once purchased, Nike shoes are yours to resell, give away, or use as plant pots. Nike`s rights over the shoes end as soon as they`re sold to you.
2. What if I resell Nike shoes without their original box or tags? No problem! Original packaging and tags may make shoes more appealing, but not legally required for resale. Genuine shoes are good to go.
3. Is it legal to resell customized Nike shoes? Absolutely, customization doesn`t change the legal status of the shoes. Genuine Nike shoes can be resold without issues.
4. Can I get in trouble for reselling limited edition Nike shoes? As long as you`re not infringing on any trademarks or copyrights, you can resell limited edition Nike shoes without any legal repercussions. Selling fake limited edition shoes is a different story.
5. Are there any restrictions on where I can resell Nike shoes? Nope, you can resell them online, at a flea market, or even at a garage sale. Not selling counterfeit goods, free to sell wherever.
6. Do I need permission from Nike to resell their shoes? No, don`t need Nike`s permission. Legitimately purchased shoes can be resold without additional permission.
7. Can I resell Nike shoes that I received as a gift? Absolutely, the legal status of the shoes doesn`t change just because they were a gift. Once in possession, have same rights to resell as if purchased.
8. Is it legal to resell vintage or used Nike shoes? Yes, condition doesn`t affect legal status. Whether they`re brand new, gently used, or vintage, you`re free to resell them to anyone interested.
9. Can I resell Nike shoes I purchased at a discounted price? Discounted prices don`t change the legal status of the shoes. Once paid for, free to resell at whatever price see fit.
10. What if Nike doesn`t want me to resell their shoes? Nike`s preferences don`t change legal right to resell once legitimately purchased. Not infringing on intellectual property rights, in the clear.


Is it Legal to Resell Nike Shoes

Sneaker enthusiast and entrepreneur, the question of Is it Legal to Resell Nike Shoes has intrigued me for a long time. The resale market for sneakers has exploded in recent years, with some shoes fetching prices that are several times higher than their retail value. But is it legal to profit from reselling Nike shoes? Let`s dive into the legalities and implications of reselling Nike sneakers.

First Sale Doctrine

The first thing to consider when discussing the legality of reselling Nike shoes is the First Sale Doctrine. This legal principle states that once a trademarked item, such as a pair of Nike shoes, has been lawfully sold, the buyer has the right to resell that item without the trademark owner`s permission. This means that if you purchase a pair of Nike shoes from an authorized retailer, you have the legal right to resell them.

Trademark Considerations

While the First Sale Doctrine allows for the resale of trademarked items, there are some considerations to keep in mind. Nike is a well-known brand with strong trademark protections. It`s important to avoid any activities that could be seen as infringing on Nike`s trademarks, such as selling counterfeit or imitation products. Always ensure that the shoes you are reselling are authentic, and be mindful of any restrictions or guidelines set by Nike for reselling their products.

Case Study: Nike v. Misleading Advertisement

In 2019, Nike filed a lawsuit against a company for misleadingly advertising that it was an authorized Nike retailer. The company was found to be selling counterfeit Nike shoes and using Nike`s trademarks without permission. This case serves as a reminder of the importance of conducting lawful and ethical business practices when reselling Nike shoes.

It is legal to resell Nike shoes as long as you are abiding by the First Sale Doctrine and adhering to trademark laws. As with any resale business, it`s essential to conduct thorough research, only sell authentic products, and operate within the bounds of the law. The resale market for Nike shoes can be a lucrative endeavor, but it`s crucial to do so ethically and legally.


Legal Contract: Reselling Nike Shoes

This legal contract is entered into by and between the parties involved in the reselling of Nike shoes. The purpose of this contract is to determine the legality of reselling Nike shoes and to outline the rights and responsibilities of the involved parties.

Contract Terms

Whereas, the reselling of Nike shoes has become a prevalent commercial activity;

Whereas, it is essential to clarify the legal implications of reselling Nike shoes;

Now, therefore, parties agree to following terms:

Legal Analysis

According to the principle of exhaustion of intellectual property rights, once a trademark owner, such as Nike, puts its products on the market, it generally cannot control the subsequent resale of those products.

However, certain restrictions and conditions may apply, particularly in cases of counterfeit goods, unauthorized alterations, or the violation of contractual agreements.

The sale of genuine Nike products is generally legal, provided that the reseller complies with all relevant laws and regulations, including trademark and intellectual property laws.


The reselling of genuine Nike shoes is legal, subject to compliance with applicable laws and regulations. It is imperative for all parties involved in the reselling of Nike shoes to conduct their activities in accordance with the law and to respect the intellectual property rights of Nike.


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