Solid Classic Wood Black

As well as being visually very attractive, the Acoustic Solid Classic Wood is a talented musical performer. The bass is solid yet agile, allowing the bass lines in the music to be easily followed. Wide and well-focussed stereo images combined with excellent detail retrieval allow all the instruments in a piece to be followed, even when the music becomes complex and dynamic. Dynamics are themselves well reproduced. All in all, the Acoustic Solid Classic Wood is a very fine turntable.



The Acoustic Solid Classic Wood is designed for those who want a turntable in the more classical style. It uses a heavy 35mm thick aluminium platter running on our precision “zero tolerance” bearing. This is mounted on to a solid 40mm thick MDF plinth, which is finished with a cherry veneer. The platter is string-driven by a separately housed synchronous motor, powered by our microprocessor controlled supply unit.

Platter: 35 mm thick aluminium machined from a single billet

Mat: Mat of felt and a 5 mm thick Plexiglas cover

Tone arm: WTB 370 with high quality phono cartridge

Drive: String-drive by a separately housed synchronous motor

Chassis: 40 mm thick MDF finished in black

Dimensions: 470 x 340 mm; 190 mm

Weight: Approx 20 kg


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