Our top model custom hand built phono cartridge The Colibri, featuring matched crystal copper coils with 0.30 or 0.38mV/channel output. A version with matched crystal gold coils and 0.65 mV/channel, output is also available.

As a result of phono cartridge builder A.J. van den Hul’s continuous research into improving his phono cartridge designs our top model “The Colibri” has seen the light of day.

The Colibri is the improved successor to our Grasshopper “Beauty” series of phono cartridges where many building components have been removed in a highly successful quest to return to the plain essence of phono transduction.

The result is an unbelievably straightforward sounding “clean and open” design, in all its aspects bearing much resemblance to the “Colibri” named tropical bird’s swiftness, elegance and beauty; Hence the cartridge’s name.

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Different body types -W (W=wooden body), -P (Carbon plastic body), -M (Metal body, -A (Amber body)
Stylus shape VDH - 1S
Stylus radius 2 x 85 Micron
Frequency range 5 - 65.000 Hz
Tracking force range 1,35-1,5g (13.5 - 15 mN) see (*3)
Static compliance 35 Micron/mN see extra info (*3)
Dynamic compliance 20 Micron/mN
Tracking ability 70 Micron
Output voltage A) 0.38 mV RMS B) 0.30 mV RMS C) 0.65 mV RMS
Channel unbalance < 0.5 dB
Channel separation > 35 / > 30 dB
Stylus tip mass 0.24 Milligram
Moving coil resistance


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