This very attractive dark-red colored mat finished twin-lead speaker cable is designed to produce the best transfer quality at an affordable price.



Each lead consists of 483 x 0.15 mm. high purity Matched Crystal (MC) OFC strands with a dense and very pure silver coating.
The resistance per lead is just: 0.21 Ohm/100 meter.
The metal cross-section area for each conductor is: 8.54 mm², equalling AWG 8.
The capacitance between the 2 leads is a nice and low 27 pF/meter.
Covering the 2 conductors you will find an extra Linear Structured Carbon ® saturated layer.
This layer dramatically improves the sonic qualities of The MAGNUM HYBRID.
The cable jacket is made of our HULLIFLEX ® 5, a very flexible and mechanically superb insulation material.
The plus and minus leads are different in jacket shape with gold colored printing in the flat middle-section. Both properties are easy polarity finders.
Type printing at 25 cm. (10″) distance makes cutting of specified lengths very easy.


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