The ORCHID is our first audio interconnect cable to employ our newly developed “Tunnel Technology”: a clever combination of physical concepts which oppose the signal level and frequency dependent behaviour of electrical signal transfer in cables.

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The ORCHID is a slim but very robust, 2.9 mm diameter, three conductor (balanced) interconnect equipped with a solid core centre conductor designed for maximum sonic performance. (The cable’s construction ensures that the core is virtually unbreakable).

In The ORCHID only the highest quality materials are used:

The purest and most carefully processed dense Silver coated Matched Crystal Oxygen Free Copper conductors.
Lossless and extremely stable insulation materials.
A rugged HULLIFLEX ® jacket.
The cable’s so-called triaxial construction embraces a dense braided 80 strand shield, a similar underlying 48 strand second shield/signal conductor and a solid signal core. The internal insulators furthermore are Linear Structured Carbon ® treated.

This has several advantages:

An improved shielding factor against high frequency interference.
Microscale bridging of conductor surface imperfections.
Extra anti-corrosive protection of the conductors.
Avoids cable microphony.
Next to its application as a balanced or unbalanced audio interconnect, the slim 2.9 mm diameter ORCHID is excellently suitable for high quality equipment internal wiring (e.g. mixing consoles and other audio equipment) and as a microphone cable.


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