CTA 405

The CTA405 amplifier offers the unique possibility to explore the authority of classic high quality valve amplification. Lifelike dynamics and greatest sense of overall musicality.

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The CTA405 is an integrated valve amplifier with five line-level inputs, including a tape monitor loop, and a built in RIAA phono circuit accommodating moving magnet and high output moving coil cartridges.

Rated at 50 watts per channel using the legendary 6550 beam power tubes in ultra linier configuration excellent performance is obtained with very low feedback.

A complete line stage similar to the one found in the Copland CTA305 pre-amplifier is installed directly behind the input terminals, providing a low output impedance buffer between the amplifier interconnect cables and the level control prior to the power amplifier of the CTA405.110106_Copland 14090

The output transformers was specially designed for this amplifier, with a large core of high quality silicon ion and perfect symmetry in induction and capacitance of the coils, a frequency response from 5Hz to over 100 kHz is achieved with low distortion and high stability over the entire audible frequency range.

110106_Copland 14107

Employing power supply, output transformers and circuitry fully sufficient for twice the rated output power, the CTA405 achieves strong dynamics and a wide flexibility in the choice of speakers.

The CTA405A employs motor driven volume control and can be controlled by the Copland RC102 remote control unit.


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